Kitchen supplies

Kitchen Soft Drink Pour Fizz Keeper Keep Soft Drink From Going Flat

Designed to keep the carbonic acid in the soda Fits all standard 1-1/2-L and 2-L soda bottles Equipped with a convenient flip-top spout Cannot be used with glass containers Washable in the dishwasher

manual sharpener for kitchen knives

The Chef is a rugged, high-performance sharpener developed specifically for heavy duty commercial kitchen use. It’s cost effective and efficient because it can sharpen quickly, create a long-lasting edge and help prolong the life of quality knives: A commercial sharpener for 20 degree class knives, designed to meet the needs of the commercial kitchen Fast—uses diamond abrasives for hairsplitting sharpness, in seconds Easy to use Detachable sharpening module removes easily for cleaning in dishwasher or sink Sharpens straight edge and serrated knives 2-Stages—create double-bevel edges that stay sharp longer Precision angle guides for ease of use and edge control